Ruhinda SS headteacher attempts suicide


By Priscilla Owomugisha,

Ruhinda SSS headteacher in Mitooma district, Arthur Yesiime is on admission after he attempted suicide by poisoning.

On Monday evening, the victim was found unconscious in his residence by his wife who had just returned from work. The wife found victim vomiting and she immediately reported to Mitooma District police.

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Police arrived at the scene and the vomits implicated the incident to suspected poisoning.

The victim was rushed to Dr. Ben Clinic in Mitooma Town for treatment. The motive of the attempted suicide is still unknown.

A source who preferred anonymity however told PARROTS UG that the incident is work related. According to the source, Yesiime has not been in good terms with the parents who have been accusing him of weak administration and poor performance of the school.

“He had spent about two weeks without reporting on duty. This may be due to much pressures from parents demanding for his transfer and had been given an ultimatum of this year to leave,” source said

Further reports indicate that he (the headteacher) had swindled money that was meant for last term MOCK examinations which was never done.

It should be recalled that at the end of last term, students at Ruhinda SSS went onto strike which prompted the school to abruptly close. This was a period which Senior Four and senior Six candidates were expected to sit for their Mock exams and attempts by parents to get a refund is in vain.
It is however uncertain if this was a reason for Yesiime to attempt ending his life.

On Tuesday morning, Yesiime was transferred to Kampala International University hospital Ishaka for further medications after his conditions worsened.

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