Security warns politicians and individuals against fear mongering


The joint security forces has warned political groups and members of the public against circulating messages that promote fear, panic and intimidations among the public.

“We wish to inform the public that we are aware of individuals and political groups that are promoting panic and fear, using malicious video footages and audios, to purposely intimidate and prevent them from going about their normal businesses or reporting for work the 3rdto the 7th February 2021.” security warns.

According to security, the groups are using videos and audios warning people to stay at home, stock plenty of food between 3rd and 7th Feb.

In a joint security press statement dated February 1, signed by Deputy IGP Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech, security alleges that some opposition groups are plannings to use external forces to cause chaotic uprisings in the country and fight the government.

“The audios and videos talk about people staying in their homes, stocking food and threatening all persons who will defy their alleged stay at home orders.” Security said. “The authors who are allegedly aligned to some opposition groups indicate how the protests will transition into a mass uprising including the use of external forces to attack government.”

However, security said the acts of opposition politicians to use excessive fears in order to rally support for street violence for their political gains is not new to them. They said security has robust plans to respond to any of their (opposition) actions.

“We want to inform the public that we are taking these threats seriously and would like to assure them, that they should not be intimidated from going about their lawful businesses, because their security and safety is guaranteed.” the statement read in parts.

Security which believes that the intimidations are are connected to the recently concluded elections asked the perpetrators to respect decisions by Ugandans for voting leaders of their choices. They said Ugandans now want to live in peace and dignity, without the fear of restricting their movements.

 Security further urged whoever who is being intimidated or has information that may lead to the arrest of the perpetrators to avail it to the nearest Police Unit, other security agency or local council for immediate action.

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