Till when shall a woman’s efforts be attributed to?

By Amani Sumaya

Men always seem to be superior to women yet they are worth a number of things men can never imagine of. 

We always seem to ask our selves what we need in order to get the same respect as men get in the society yet we always seem to get no answer to our question. 

May be it’s in our nature that men should get all the credit of the good work done even though the woman who put in much effort that the work is done gets nothing in return. 

We should not ask our selves where we went wrong but we should ask our selves what should be done to improve what is in our lives right now. 

Let no man tell a woman what she should do with her life but should help her go through what she thinks is good for her life. 

We need to support one another in order to succeed. We should keep up the saying,” Behind every great man there is a woman and viceversa.”

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