Uganda is not a monarchy


By Precious Ankunda. Parrots ug author.

Museven’s son – in -law Rwabwogo speaks out on being interested in Uganda’s presidential seat .

Last month, photos showing a group of youth donning ‘Rwabwogo presidential project’ T- shirts made rounds on social media. They brought out an impression that the senior Presidential Advisor for special duties was interested in his father in law’s presidential seat.

President Y K Museven’s son in law Odrek Rwabwogo has distanced himself from the claims that he is interested in Uganda’s presidency.

In a statement dated 1st October, 2021, Rwabwogo said he had seen his old media interviews, videos and images callously re- edited and distributed in increasing proportion by some elements who he suspects are intent on creating a certain line of political posturing.

” I have ignored these but am now compelled to respond given the probable import and interpretation of these images by some of you, my friends. These interviews and videos have been adulterated and presented as if they were conducted today yet they are more than six years old. The people doing this, I presume are seeking to create the impression that there are some “special people” in the movement who are jostling for positions in the event of any form of succession and leadership in the party or country,” said Rwabwogo, husband to Museven’s daughter Patience.

He said ” they assume that if they throw my name in this, it makes their games appear legitimate and credible. This is wrong, you will not use me or pay anyone I work with in this undisciplined and aimless behavior.”

Rwabwogo added that the people behind the disiformation against him should know that they are endangering the process of building institutions and undermining the very efforts Ugandans need to create certainty and predictability for the country’s politics.


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