How Sheema businessman killed child for money ritual


By Tracy Acen

The attainment of physical wealth is one of the major reasons a we cases of missing persons are so rampant nowadays. Many a time, the victims are young children of easily gullible ages. They befall the arm of greed and are murdered for rituals in the pursuit for wealth.

Joseph Kamugisha, a money lender, prominent farmer and businessman, from Sheema district is one of the greedy persons who have been recently implicated into ritual murders.

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The businessman has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Kemigisha Christabel, a two-year old who disappeared from home on 18 July.

According to police, Kemigisha’s missing has turned out to be a murder, after the her body was recovered dead after she was beheaded and her body dumped in a neighbour’s compound.

It has been established that Kemigisha’s killer; Justus Byamukama conspired with Tumwesigye Clinton alias Musajja, to cut the victims throat and collected blood thereafter, dumped her body in front of Constance’s home, a neighbor and resident of the same village.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga says they arrested Byamukama who admitted to having kidnapped the victim from the grand father’s home for ritualistic purposes.

He also revealed his conspiracies with a one Tumwesigye to commit the stressful act.

Upon interrogations, the duo said that they had been sent by a richman identified as Joseph Kamugisha for human blood.

Further police investive reports established that on the fateful day of the murder, Tumwesigye was in touch with Kamugisha, the rich man who had sent them for the blood, at night.

Police says that the victim died a ritual murder in pursuit for wealth urging business operators to profile every businesses with security agencies like CMI, ISO, to avoid such further occurrences.

“We also call upon the business community to come up with stronger measures of profiling and auditing the activities of all business persons in coordination with our intelligence components of CI, ISO, and CMI to help weed out brutal persons, who take advantage of young juveniles, in search of wealth and prosperity,” he said.

“Christabel was kidnapped from her grandfather’s home without the knowledge of anyone,” Enanga said before warning parents and guardians to protect their children.

“We wish to remind parents and guardians to be extra alert while protecting children,” Enanga advised.

Police has since made arrests of Kamugisha and his other two accomplices. They are being detsined at Mutanoga police post in Sheema.

The police has further pledged to ensure justice prevails for Kemigisha and the bereaved family.










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