Ugandan gay dies in Nairobi


Authorities in Kenya are to investigate the circumstances sorrounding the death of a gay man at the Kakuma refugee camp in the Northern part of the country.

The 32-year-old Ugandan died at the hospital in the capital Nairobi where he and other LGBT refugees were receiving treatment after an arson attack.

On March 15 at around 2:45am Kenya time, homophobic attackers set LGBTQ+ people on fire while they were sleeping at Block 13 of Kakuma refugee camp.

The unknown attackers allegedly used petrol bombs to set a blaze section of the camp which accommodates a number of refugees including children.

Activist movements and the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Kenya have since demanded for fresh investigations into the cause of the attacks.

The #FreeBlock13 hash tag is being used all over social media calling for justice for the victims of the Kakuma refugee camp arson attacks.

It is alleged that the horrific act of hate- based violence resulted in Jordan and Trinidad being severely burned.

Kakuma refugee camp is currently the world’s largest refugee camp.

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