Ugandans celebrate Minister Tumwine losing UPDF representative parliamentary election


Whereas Dr. Paul Kasenene study on the lengthy of sleep and the size of the testicles on men made trends on Friday, the news of the security minister Elly Tumwine losing an election attracted more debates than any of the day’s events.

Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine has on Wednesday joined a long list of the Museveni’s ministers who have lost elections to the 2021 parliament.

The extreme pride minister was contesting against other 16 on the Uganda Peoples Defense Force representative to parliament but lost overwhelmingly.

Section 53 of the parliamentary election Act, 2005 requires the updf to have 10 elected members of parliament representing the force to Parliament, three of whom must be women representatives.

These are elected by the UPDF Defence Council which is composed of members of the High Command, Service Chiefs, directors of services, division commanders, Brigade commanders and Battalion commanders.

In the polls conducted on Friday at Land Forces Headquarters Bombo, Gen. Elly Tumwine obtained 104 votes of the 2,622 total votes cast. Other candidates performed as follows:

  • Awany Charles Otema – 129 votes
  • Chemu C Francis – 50 votes
  • Muhoozi R David – 335 votes
  • Katumba Wamala -228 votes
  • Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, 184 votes
  • Elwelu Peter – 218 votes
  •  Mugira James – 239 votes
  •  Masiko N Henry – 223 votes
  • Ogiki Bob Paciesky – 112 votes
  • Okiding Sam – 106 votes
  • Lutaaya L Charles -126 votes
  • Kiwanuka Sam 83 votes
  • Kisame Mike Samuel -71 votes.
  • Kinalwa Jimmy – 63 votes
  • Kavuma Sam – 204 votes
  • Gutti Andrew -135 votes.

A total number of 2,610 were valid votes while 12 were rejected votes amounting to a total of 2,622 counted votes. There was no any spoilt vote.

On the Women’s representative of UPDF to parliament, 2021 race, candidates performed as follows:

© Alanyo Jennifer – 276 votes

© Beinababo Charity Rubyana – 282 votes

© Mwanga Susan – 247 votes

© Nekesa Victor – 339 votes.

A total number of valid votes was according to the declaration form, 1,144 votes and a number of ballot papers was 1,144. There was no invalid or spoilt vote.

Umar Kiyimba, the returning officer for UPDF representative to parliament declared;

°Gen David Muhoozi

°Gen Katumba Wamala

°Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi

°Lt Gen Peter Elwelu

°Lt Gen James Mugira

°Maj Gen Henry Masiko

°Maj Gen Sam Kavuma

°Col Dr Victor Nekesa,

°Lt Col Charity Bainababo,

Maj Dr Jennifer Alanyo as the elected representatives of the updf to the 11th Parliament.

The results were declared on Friday January 29, 2021 at 8:40PM at the Land Forces Headquarters, Bombo.

Minister Tumwine’s loss was welcomed by a number of Ugandans who attributes the loss to the minister’s “arrogance of opinions” and ‘extreme pride.’

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