Wearing face masks a prerequisite as lockdown sees a fortnight extension


Amidst the challenges caused by the corona virus pandemic, Uganda has eased a lockdown on few items while others face an extension of more 14days (a fortnight) with wearing a face mask declared a prerequisite.

President Museveni while addressing the nation on measures taken to ease down the lockdown stated that the lockdown helped to understand and prepare for the problem.

He declared that the lockdown on some items would be extended to fourteen (14) more days while others were lifted because of being essential.

Among the items and groups persons whose ban was lifted include; Wholesalers, Hardwares, Metal & Wood workshops, Restaurants, Repair workshops & Garages, Insurance providers and the Lawyers.

Wholesalers and Hardwares are allowed to operate but shall keep health guidelines by maintaining a 4metre social distance from customers who shall also preserve social distance. Lawyers under their umbrella Uganda Law Society have been tasked to have only 30 lawyers per day to attend to emergency courts due to crooks operating in businesses and other criminals while Restaurants have been advised to open and provide only take away services.

Other essential items that were not closedown in the first phases such as agricultural shops, Constructionsites, factories shall remain open preserving Standards Operational Procedures.

Whereas thePresident lifted bans on some essential items, ugandans who had grown grimmer of hopes lost it all as government declared an additional 14 more days, kept lockdown on public & private transports, schools, churches to mention but a few.

In his speech today at State House Nakaseero, the President urged that public and Private transport are health risks therefore a neec for workers in the essential groups whose ban has been lifted to Use busing (owned / hired buses), Cycling or walking to and from workplaces.

He also emphasized on accommodation of workers at work places for companies which can afford.

“Workers can either operate from home or be accommodated st the workplace which is the most preferred one,” Museveni emphasized.

Meanwhile, as earlier anticipated, the President further declared that wearing face masks is compulsory to anybody going to the public.

” Wearing a face mask is compulsory for anybody who is not in his/ her house,” Museveni said.

President Museveni stated that the virus rides in the human droplets such as sneezing, coughing and other invisible tiny mucus particles from the human mouths.

He says wearing face masks would help in stopping the spread of the virus from one person to another through the micro mucuses.

However, he appealed to Ugandans to ensure proper hygiene of the face masks as well as maintaining the earlier precautionary measures set up by WHO, and the Ministry of Health.

These includes, avoiding contacts with soft body parts such as eyes, mouth, nose & ears, staying at home, washing hands with water and soap and keeping a physical distance.

The ongoing 21days lockdown is ending tomorrow and the additional 14days will go up to May19th,2020.

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