Zambian Pastor buried alive after promising congregation to resurrect like Jesus


A pastor in Zambia  was buried alive by his church members as he promised them that he will resurrect in 3 days just like Jesus Christ.

Pastor James Sakala, who commands a huge congregation at his founded church; Sakala Zion Church in Chidiza a town in Zambia chest thumped that he has supernatural powers to keep him alive for three days.

Convinced by his courage, the congregation dug a grave and buried him. After three days, his church members went digging his grave only to find him dead.

James Sakala is among Many who have tried to put their faith to work by emulating the miracle of Jesus Christ by either trying to walk on the sea, heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, turning water into wine and praying for the barren to conceive.

It’s however, unheard of for anybody to try and enter the grave whiles giving assurances to his followers to resurrect on the third day.

James Sakala, 22 years, became overconfident and decided to forget his brain and let his so called ‘faith’ override his sense of reasoning, dressed in a pure white gown apparel like the disciples of Jesus Christ with only brown leather slippers on his feet summoned his miracle seeking congregants to witnessed the second resurrection to ever happen after that of Jesus.

Congregation gathering at the pastor’s tomb to check if he resurrected as promised. The pastor was found dead.

This was around the grave he had dug and in a strange voice as someone possessed by the holy spirit, declared and commanded his followers; “All ye of little faith, bury this Sakala you see now and he shall arise from the dead and breath his free lungs full again!”

Out of reverence for their priest, they were initially reluctant but obeyed by aiding their priest in his quest.

When questioned about the motive behind, Sakala quoted scripture and saying that on the eve of his murder by Roman soldiers, Jesus’ words to his disciples that ‘do ‘this in memory of me’ referred to resurrection and not just imbibing wine and crunching unleavened bread.

The faithful followers and congregation had no option, than to scout for shovels, allowed him to lay flat in his ditch and with hymn and dance, shovel upon another covered him in soil.

As the priest lay below the pile of soil, the choir sang their melodious music and dance in expectation of a manifestation of the divine deliverance from God. However, praise song after another, tongues upon tongues, Sakala was not able to resurrect like he had promised.

All spiritual exercises and efforts made to resurrect him proved futile as the disturbed followers dug up the grave and to their surprise his white gown soiled with mucus, blood and he seemed to have struggled badly, yes he was dead.

Police in the Eastern Province Geza Phiri, are in a manhunt for the people who participated in the failed resurrection.

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