19 students suspended after pregnancy results tested positive

Pregnancy test positive


At least 19 female students at Dokolo Technical School have been suspended from school after they tested positive for pregnancy, local online site has reported

According to the reports, two of the vicimtim students reportedly attempted to procure abortion in school which prompted the school management to carryout out an emergency health check up that found 19 students positive for pregnancy.

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It is alleged that some of the students were doing self prescriptions for abortion something that is endangering their lives as well as for their unborn babies.

A student whose identity the site did not disclosed experienced severe bleeding for days for procuring an abortion without the help of medical personnel. The school authorities referred her to Dokolo Health Centre IV for admission for further medication

Richard Bogere, the school head told reports that they decided to send the victims back to home in order to save lives.

“We have sent the pregnant girls to their parents for safety reasons because they had started procuring abortions from school. This was absolutely dangerous and unacceptable. All 19 will be allowed to sit their final examinations as guided by the ministry of education and sports, so they will be allowed to sit only for examinations. In the meantime, they will study from home,” said Bogere

Local reports shows that pregnancies were as a reault of relationships between male and female students while others were impregnated by men in the sorrounding community.

Abortion is outlawed in Uganda and is strongly condemned by the church.

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