Stay calm with the agreement-DP

Mr. Okoler Opio Lo Amanu, spokesperson for the Democratic Party (DP)

By Kabuye Muawiya,


DP has appealed to Ugandans to stay calm with the agreement that was signed between NRM and DP because it is beneficial to all Ugandans.

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The leadership of Democratic Party have stated it once again that they consulted the members of parliament that belong to DP but are disappointed with some of legislators in the media pretending they were not consulted. They say that tbese are simply liars because they want to keep their positions in parliament.

Addressing the journalists at the Democratic Party offices in Kampala the spokesperson of the party Okoler Opio Lo Amanu said that they are ready to follow the agreement because they read and understood its provisions

“There are so many people who are fighting us because of the agreement that was signed simply because they have not yet understood the agreement most especially the members of parliament who are just trying to protect the positions in parliament but we know in future Ugandans will appreciate us for signing this agreement,” Opio said.

Opio furthermore explained to Ugandans who thought that Democratic Party was sold to NRM that it is not the case.

“Many thought that our party was sold to president Museveni and NRM, no way! Our party is still here with its leadership under Chairman Mao and to all of you who are not in good terms with the agreement, the National Executive committee is soon sitting to listen to your opinions,” he added.

Till date, many Ugandans have failed to understand the terms that were listed in the agreement between the ruling NRM and the Democratic Party as it is still kept confidential from the public accessibility.

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