Former NUP cordinator ring leads attack on party Northern Uganda offices.


GULU:  The National Unity Platform [NUP] party has said that one of the youth who attacked the party offices in Gulu is their former coordinator in the northern region.

The suspect identified as Tony Olenge was according to the NUP party suspended from leadership due to behavioral misconduct.

“The one who led the pack, Tony Olenge used to be our coordinator whom we asked to step aside due to misconduct,” Joel Ssenyonyi, the party Spokesperson said in a press release.

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Its understood that earlier today at about 10am, a group of unruly youth donning in People Power attires stormed the offices along Timothy Okee Rd in Pece – Laroo Division, Gulu city holding placacards denouncing the leadership pinning them on corruption, tribalism scandals.

’We don`t want corruption in NUP, Lina Zedriga Out, We Want Our Money, We Hate Tribalism, We want equality, Bobi Wine respond’’  read some of the placards. Before the attack, the youth who numbered about one hundred held a procession through several streets in Gulu City while playing Bobi Wine`s song ‘’fighting for freedom’’ on a public address system.

These allegedly openly puffed marijuana, drank alcohol and blew whistles as they executed their mission.

According to a document signed by the party PR, the unruly youth travelling in a tinted Toyota premio car registration no: UAW 198T attacked the offices, assaulted office attendants, humiliated leaders, vandalized property like windows,  took away laptops, two mobile phones, NUP posters and a handbag belonging to a receptionist.

Among the notable youth include; Daniel Soca who is vying for the Pece-Laroo South Division Council under the National Unity Platform ticket, Bosco Ocira, the Nwoya NUP Chairperson and Kennedy Otim, a renowned NUP member from Pader district.  

Ssenyonyi however contend that the attack was a state operative.

He alleges that NUP has vivid information that the said youth will soon meet top leaders in the NRM party for rewards owing to their mission accomplished.

He insists that the continuous plans to persecute and blackmail of NUP and leaders will not break their spirits to end Museveni’s “dictatorial” regime.


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