Lango College suspends four classes over strike


By Shivan Tuhirirwe,


Lango College has given a seven days suspension to students in senior one, two, three, and five students after they staged a destructive strike.

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The students from the four classes turned unruly and a violent strike on Saturday morning after a former student suspected to be a thief at school was arrested and handed over to police.

“The students rampaged started while protesting the arrest of a former student who illegally gained access to the school premises and was being accused of stealing students’ properties.” Local Radio reported

According to the rowdy students, they wanted the student handed over to them for disciplinary actions something that the school management opposed

This prompted the highly charged students to stage a strike and destroyed essential properties including 5 vehicles belonging to teachers, and a motorcycle. They also looted the school canteen and store among other things.

The rowdy students demanded that the suspect be released to them or the school close for holidays, demands, the school authorities rejected.

School management says that the students have been sent back home to allow peaceful conduct of MOCK exams which are starting this morning.

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