No bars are open, Kyegegwa LCV Boss.

A photo of Kyaka II refugee settlement in Kyegegwa district.

KYEGEGWA:  The Kyegegwa district Chairperson LCV Byamukama Kasoke has dismissed reports alleging that bars and other entertainment avenues in his district are still operating contrary to presidential directives on bars.

Byamukama’s remarks follow complaints from a section of residents complaining that some bars owned by prominent persons in the district are still operating against COVID-19 set guidelines yet others remain closed.

Speaking to 97.8FM Radio Kazo – Omushomesa on Thursday during “Twimukye” morning show, Byamukama refuted to reports stressing that the District Task Force and other task force teams at the sub county, parish and village levels are working hand in hand to ensure all directives on bars are enforced. He however added that there may be few bars still operating illegally but assured the public that the operators will be apprehended.

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The LCV chairperson further demystified on claims that healthworkers in the district hospitals are not vaccinating people against COVID-19 virus.

He disclosed that the district like any other part of the country has run out of vaccines and currently the vaccination exercise has been put to hold.

“It’s true; the vaccines are over. Government is in plans to procure more vaccines. Therefore, I appeal to the public to be patient until we receive another batches of the vaccines from the government,” he said.

Kyegegwa district received 7540 doses of Astrazenac vaccines during the first phase and a total of 1100 doses were given to the district in a second phase. According to Byamukama, the doses received in the second phase were used to vaccinate a section of people who had received their first jab. He added that all vaccines were used up.

Apparently, the district has two vaccination centres including; Bujjubiri Health centre III and Kyegegwa HCIV. The district has received testing kits and carries out free COVID-19 Rapid Tests at all its Health Centres; Mpara HCIII, Kazinga HCIII, Kasule HCIII, Kakabala HCIII, Bujjubiri HCIII and Kyegegwa HCIV.

The LCVchairperson has urged residents to go for testing at the forementioned health centres to know their COVID-19statuses.

Additionally, Byamukama has warned residents in the district against drug self prescriptions aagainst COVID and other diseases habit that is on rise not only in Kyegegwa district but also in other parts of the country. He says the use of local herbs to treat the virus and other diseases may cause complications when not administered by a health physician urging people to always seek for medical help from qualified personnel.

Kyegegwa district has since the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic recorded 1167 COVID-19 cases. According to the district LCV boss, of 1167 registered cases; 994 are recoveries; 144 cases are Home Basic Care, 9 are death cases while the district apparently has only 13 patients receiving treatments at Kyegegwa HCIV and Bujjubiri HCIII respectively.

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