Coach Wasswa Bbosa pledges to return Express fc to the topnotch.


Few weeks after signing a three year permanent deal at Express FC,Coach Wasswa Bbosa is confident that the club will be competitng for trophies like it was in the Genesis than competing for relegation zone.

“We want to bring the team in a top notch where it will be competing for trophies  that’s basically my target because Express is well known as a winning club traditionally”Bbossa stated.

“Before I left Express it was in top four and I hope and believe that it’s where am bringing it back”Bbosa said.

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In the same manner of rejuvinating the club to the top Express fc has already acquired  the signature of one of Bbossas’ diehard  player Geofrey Lwesibawa.

“Lwesibawa is a good player,he is not my brother that I like moving with him but he is  someone who adds something big on team ,he started at Express but above all every coach has his players who believes in him and vice versa and the most talented, ambitious and creative players are on our list and are yet to join.” Bbosa added.

It should be remembered that  Geofrey Lwesibawa has been moving with coach Bbosa starting from SC Villa, Express FC,Toro united FC and Express FC again for he second stint.

Lwesibawa penned a two year contract deal and the inside sources has it that they are yet finalize former Express FC captain Steven Luswata.


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