Emeritus Bishop Magambo Lauds Museveni over good COVID-19 fight.


The West Ankole Diocese Emeritus Bishop William  Magambo has lauded President Museveni for a so far a battle well fought against the novel corona virus which has been declared a global pandemic.

“Besides being NRM, President Museveni is such a great leaders who has helped our country Uganda,” laudatory Bishop Magambo said.

Bishop Magambo was speaking to mourners today at a funeral service of Mrs Jovlet Kendaba, a younger sister to Hon Jovah Kamateeka, the WMP Mitooma district in the south western Uganda.

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He implored the People to follow the presidential directives and Health experts precautionary measures to fight against the deadly corona virus.

Mrs Jovlet Kendaba alias Kikazi died at the age of 54yrs leaving behind 5 Children, four of whom are girls. She passed on on the night of Tuesday May 12th. She was laid to rest today at the legislator’s home (Hon Kamateeka) in Mitooma Town Council Mitooma district. She has been a known patient of Cardiac Arrest a heart related disease.

Mrs Jovlet Kendaba passed on May 12th,2020. FB Photo.

Hon Kamateeka, the sister to the deceased expressed heart felt pains for the loss of her sister. She applauded her as someone who has been loving and hardworking.

Furthermore, Hon Kamateeka told the people of Mitooma that she is working restlessly to lobby for food relief to the vulnerable families which were affected by the corona virus measures. Apparently, she had donated maize flour and beans to the district task force however, some families were left out.

She accepted the food was never enough to cater for all benefactors pledging to lobby for more support.

Mr Silver Tumwekwatse, the Acting LCV Chairman Mitooma district asked people particularly politicians not to politicise the ongoing lockdown claiming that President Museveni is making a good breast of it to consolidate himself in power.

Mr Silver’s words  come at a time when some countrymen are alleging the President’s extension of lockdown as a tool of dodging the 2021 General Elections.

Important still, is that ofrecent while in a one on one interview with NBS Television’s Journalist Canary Mugume, Museveni said that those who think he is using the current situation to collect funds for the elections and power consolidation are idiots.

Based on this, Chairman Silver urged Ugandans to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

He revealed the district council decision to create a new Ruhinda South County out of the Ruhinda County appealing to area legislators to support the idea whenever presented on the flour of Parliament.

Kendaba’s funeral service was attended among other persons; Hon Beatrice Katushabe, the WMP Kanungu district, Religious leaders from Mitooma Archdeaconry, Mitooma Local Gov’t Administrators and the locals.



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