Love and Compassion dominate Museveni Christmas message

H.E YK Museveni Tibuhaburwa

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


President Museveni has asked Ugandans to work for love and compassion during the Christmas festive.

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In his Christmas message delivered on December 23, Museveni said that the meaning of Christmas is in exercising Christ-like virtues, and not just merry making.

“As you celebrate this Christmas, I encourage you to welcome into your hearts the message of love, compassion, and care for one another, generosity, holiness, and faithful worship of God. You remember Jesus gave us the two commandments love God with all your might, and love your neighbour as you love yourself and he pointed out that these two were tge greatest commandments;” he said.

He cautioned believers that merry-making in this festive season should not detract them from focusing on the spiritual significances of Christmas, asking them to avoid contracting and spreading corona virus.

“As a country God is helping to emerge from the scourge of COVID-19. I urge you to embrace the countrywide vaccination campaign, continue to observing the standard operating procedures, to curb the spread of COVID-19,” Museveni said.

In addition, the president rechoed his commitment to fully reopen other sectors of the economy next year, with all hopes of controlling the diseases through mass vaccination.”

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